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Zilch-zero waste bathroom box

The importance of zero waste options and products within the consumer market is uncanny. Everyday we use bathroom products that are packaged in plastic, which is continually polluting and contaminating our world. 

So what is zero waste, what does it mean? Zero waste allows us all to participate in protecting our environment. The approach protects the health of communities by reducing pollution in the air, water, and soil by keeping toxins and waste out of landfills and incinerators. It’s known to be a ‘radical’ action to avoid such common, everyday things as plastic packaging and single-use plastics. However, I wouldn’t call it radical; I’d call it necessary. The idea of zero waste is to break the unsustainable and wasteful production/consumption cycle and focus on high-quality, long-lasting ethical products.

There are many simple changes that we can make in our bathrooms to significantly lower our plastic usage. Choosing shampoo bars over packaged bottles, bamboo toothbrushes over plastic handled ones, and metal long lasting razors over plastic ones. Using these zero waste bathroom alternatives are common and easy changes to make.

Are you wondering where to get these new and improved products from, so that you can start to make a major difference on our planet’s health? We’ve got one right here for you to check out. 

Zilch-zero waste bathroom box

Zilch – 

Zilch is a fantastic brand doing what they can to create zero waste bathroom products that actually work with zero waste. In a nutshell, they’ve said it best themselves; “Our mission is to help everyone make a big impact through small changes to their daily routines. No waste, no plastic, no bullshit.”

Most of their products have been created after hearing stories like the one from “Brush it on” founders Viv and Alice. They discovered that by 2050, there is meant to be more plastic than fish in our oceans. A fact that our media should certainly discuss more. They want to make it easy for people to make conscious choices without sacrificing their lifestyle. In addition, 100% of their profit goes directly to organisations that protect the planet’s oceans, forests, and wildlife.

We were lucky to have been sent a bundle box of products, and here is a quick rundown of what we got and why it is so good.

Dental floss
Dental Floss

– Comes in a reusable glass tube dispenser with a thread-cutting lid.

It’s vegan-friendly candelilla wax and has a fresh mint flavour and the cornstarch floss is plant-based and vegan friendly. You’ll only need to purchase this once. You can continue with simply buying refills. 

Cotton buds

Cotton Buds

– Unlike regular cotton buds, every time you use one of these bamboo and cotton bud replacements it’s preventing a piece of plastic from heading into landfill or to the ocean. With a compostable bamboo handle and an organic cotton tip, of course they also feel great to use.


Coloured shampoo

Coloured Shampoo

– One bar replaces 6 bottles of shampoo and conditioner and doesn’t turn to mush! Need I say more? No, but we will anyways. It can also replace body and face wash. If you’re up for the ultimate minimalist routine, that saves a lot of plastic. To use the shampoo bar, simply lather up in the shower and run the bar through your hair. Leave in for 2-3 minutes and wash out. Easy Peasy. 


Citrus scent deodorant

Citrus Scent Deodorant

– Aside from feeling great to use, every aspect of this product and the other deodorants is compostable. That means when you’re done using these deodorants, you can put them straight into your recycling bin, compost bin, or worm farm. No fuss, no dramas. To use it most effectively, warm the tube briefly in your hands and push firmly from the bottom, it will also warm against your skin as applied. 


Handmade Rose soap

Rose soap

– Handmade using traditional cold processed methods, each bar has 4-6 weeks curing time for a milder and gentler soap. Safe to say they’re made with love and care for your skin’s cleanliness and health. While most people probably use refillable soap dispensers, there aren’t many easy alternatives that don’t contribute to plastic landfill. These bars, however, do not only look good in your bathroom but also have recyclable packaging. Therefore, this is a complete zero waste replacement. 


Face exfoliator (biodegradable)

biodegradable Konjac Face exfoliator

– This little guy because is natural, completely zero waste and minimises your daily routine by replacing cleanser, exfoliator and disposable make up wipes. Win, win and win! 

When using this sponge, it will be hard when it’s dry. Thus, rinse before use and squeeze a few times until it softens. Massage into skin in circular motions either on its own or with a small amount of cleanser. Rinse sponge after use and hang to dry. 

It will last up to 3 months with daily use, then just dispose it in your compost bin (or normal bin if you don’t have a compost). Perfect for all skin types and suitable for delicate skin as it is a gentle exfoliator.

Body exfoliator

Biodegradable body exfoliator

– Use it as an alternative to synthetic exfoliators or exfoliating body wash. It’s honestly surprising how many products shed microplastics or contain microbeads that end up in the ocean. Something so easily avoidable and remedied.

To use this, simply place your soap inside the sack, rinse with water and lather up. Massage into skin in gentle circular motions to help increase blood flow and exfoliation. Allow the mit to dry out after each use and you’ll get more use out if as it will last longer. Did you know that the loofah plant is a vegetable? Making this amazing product vegan, sustainable and home compostable!

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