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This week we’re talking about the importance of buying organic cotton clothes over traditional clothing. Like me, many of you might not have realised the impact of non organic cotton clothes. It impacts not only industry workers, farming, and natural resources but also the overall health of our bodies and skin. In the past, I used to try to steer myself away from clothes that are heavily made from polystyrene.  However, I always thought organic cotton was just fancy and I didn’t really need to bother myself.

Nevertheless, there are several key benefits that come with buying from and supporting organic cotton clothing companies. Before I’m going to tell you about that, let’s quickly discuss the chemical component of conventional cotton. 

Conventional cotton

If you’re reading labels and buying cotton, you’re on the right track. However, you might not realise what else goes into our conventional cotton clothes. 

Non-organic cotton farming uses insecticides, pesticides, peroxide, chlorine, and many more. These chemicals relate directly to various skin allergies.

Woron Organic Cotton Bralette

Organic cotton

So let’s look at organic cotton more closely. Organic cotton is grown without harmful chemicals. This leaves the soil, air and water free from the typical contaminants that cause harm to the environment and our skin. Another major benefit of organic cotton farming is that it produces 46% less CO2e (a carbon dioxide equivalent, a standard unit for measuring carbon footprints) in comparison to conventional cotton.

In learning these significant details, it seems easy to make the switch to organic cotton. You’ll be supporting the conservation of natural resources, better lives for farmers, and fairer treatment of workers. What is probably going to personally affect you the most is that you will be be purchasing higher quality products. 

With all this in mind, let’s take a look at a brand doing what they can to ensure that consumers have easy access to organic cotton clothes. We can get all the fits and fashion trends we can dream off while supporting our farmers, workers, the environment, and our own skins’ health. 


S.H.A (Sustainable Hosiery Australia) is a small family owned business located in Sydney, Australia. Their passion for ethical fashion leads them on a search for the best innovations. In 2018 they are happy to discover ‘Swedish Stockings Conscious Pantyhouse’. This is another brand that embraces their same love for ethical fashion, treating people and the environment with respect and without compromising the quality or style of their clothes.

Passionate about their work, they loudly state on their website that it’s very important that they feel morally good about every step in the process of their business. Sustainably conscious from the crafting, to the handling of each product. Leading them to the timeless designs that can stay in your wardrobe season after season, year after year. Continuing, they also proudly claim to be the very first hosiery label that is Fair-trade, recyclable, zero waste, zero emissions and 100% certified to the Australian market. It doesn’t seem real that a product so perfect could exist, but believe me, i’ve seen it – it does.

Organic hoisery

Hosiery typically has a bad reputation as a highly polluting, throw-away item of clothing. This is what makes Swedish Stockings so unique. They produce in zero-emissions and zero-waste factories from recycled nylon yarn and made to last. Furthermore, S.H.A expands their range to include other sustainable wardrobe basics to help you build your own wardrobe with an eco-conscious style. 

Their purpose is to make women’s authentic self flourish.


What does this mean you ask? Well I’ll let them answer that for me. 

“We are an avid proponent for women’s well-being and health. We want to take it back a notch, slow down a bit and ask: are we feeling comfortable in our own skin? Do we feel sexy? Are we showing up with confidence in our daily lives? We believe that a good attitude and some comfy clothes can fix most things without compromising  style and sexiness.

When the underpants aren’t riding up and the bra isn’t chafing or trying to suffocate you. When one’s body just finally says “aaaah, I’m good right now”. Then it’s as if magic happens. One’s well-being soars and with it confidence and feeling sexy emerges all by itself, naturally. Our aim is to create that lingerie, that will be the first thing you want to put on and the last thing you take off.”

Sustainable underwear

Another brand S.H.A distributes is the Woron collection, titled as ‘Sustainable Fashion Essentials’. One of our amazing staff is lucky enough to receive an item from their Woron collection and here is what we think of the product! 

Woron. Organic Cotton Soft Bralette – Buy Here!

The colour was beautiful, it was very comfortable and (I know I’m always mentioning it in these product reviews but it’s because it’s something that I hold high on my priority list when choosing brands and shopping, especially online) it’s plastic free!

Woron is a collaboration between two sisters, Arina and Anya Woron who share all the same passions for living life in the slow lane and enthusiasm for sustainable underwear and everyday essentials. Their products are available all over the world and are represented in selected stores that share the same values. This way they can fulfill the desire to make women’s identity flourish along with love for our planet.