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Sustainable Bookshops

Sustainable Bookshops: Supporting Local Businesses

We all know that supporting local businesses like sustainable bookshops is something we ought to do. Big corporations monopolise markets and make it super convenient for consumers to choose them. The book industry is no different. Whether you enjoy flipping through physical books, swiping through ebooks, or listening to audiobooks, your money may be going to … read more

How The Australian Government Is Tackling Climate Change

Climate Change In Australia: What The Government Is Doing

Climate change in Australia is having serious impacts on our environment. Governments around the world have been implementing policies and strategies to combat climate change for decades. But how does Australia measure up to countries such as Denmark, Germany and New Zealand which have some of the best climate change policies globally? According to many … read more

Food Preservatives And What You Should Know About Them

Food Preservatives And What You Should Know About Them

Food preservatives have been in use by humans for thousands of years to extend the life of food. Without these processes, times of food scarcity – such as winter and times of famine – would result in widespread death. Food preservatives have meant the difference between life and death throughout history. However, modern-day food preservation … read more

Smart Cookie: Dina Meier, Founder Of Aaina & Co

Smart Cookie: Dina Meier, Founder Of Aaina & Co

  1) Could you tell us a little about yourself and what’s your business about? Aaina & co was born from my desire to make a change in the world. I have spent some time in Bali and India, where I studied yoga and meditation. This time in my life truly inspired me to create … read more

Sinclo reusable bottle

Reducing Plastic Consumption One Bottle At A Time

Plastic bottles. We’ve all used them. Whether around the house or at parties, at the gym or at work. They are a standard product. They are particularly “useful” at gatherings. You can simply pick one up, drink as much as you want, then go back and grab another one (even though you didn’t finish the … read more

sustainability magazines

Aussie sustainability magazines: 5 must-reads

These must-reads with sustainability magazines is for all the people with all the right intentions but just have no idea where to start. It’s easy to think that when we want to start living a more sustainable and eco-friendly life, that suddenly everything will be different. Besides, you need to make extreme changes. However, that … read more