Smart Cookie: Leah Dezsery, Founder Of Nurturing Nature Cards - Ecobuy
rturing Nature Cards.
1) Could you tell us a little about yourself and what’s your business about?

I have always been a creative person and have had a real love for innovative design! Nurturing Nature Cards began with me wanting to find a solution to my own problem of giving gift cards that weren’t overpriced, were eco friendly and served another purpose! This is how I created Nurturing Nature Cards and why they are plantable to grow natives!

2) Do you have a morning routine? If so, what is it you do to set yourself up for the day ahead?

I  find it hard to stick strictly to a regime, but one thing that sets me up for success is planning my day the night before. I write out a list of things I want to get done the next day to keep me motivated and prepared.
I also try and do something active like a run, walk or pilates as my first activity for the day. This gives me an energy boost, puts me in a good headspace and helps me stay productive throughout my day.

3) Why did you choose to go sustainable and eco-friendly?

My personal ethos was to always add to the world, not take from it. My business is a reflection of how I choose to live my life, so of course it had to be eco-conscious!

4) What was the hardest part of starting your own business?

Personal doubts are always a struggle no matter where you are in your business. I have to have a lot of hard conversations with myself. You have to be your own best friend at the end of the day and keep moving forward through the doubts.

5) One book and/or documentary everyone should read/watch? Why?

I love all things self help, but one book I think everyone should read is Barefoot Investors! It’s crazy that we didn’t learn this stuff in school! Learning how to manage your finances, get out of debt and invest in your future is vital for a good life.

6) Best piece of advice you have ever received?

Not advice, but my own personal mantra is “This too shall pass”. Everything in life changes and evolves. Hard times are there for a purpose, but so are good times. Whenever I am struggling, those words have grounded me and brought me back to Earth. It has allowed me to stay present in the good and to trust that the hard will come to an end also.

For more information, check out their website: HERE!