Smart Cookie: Jade Molloy, Founder Of Happy-scrappie - Ecobuy
eco-friendly and sustainable dog beds


1) Could you tell us a little about yourself and what’s your business about?

I used to work as buyer in the high-end fashion industry, which opened my eyes to the unsustainable pace & scale of clothing production. I remember wondering whether the earth was able to replenish itself & keep up with our current rate of consumption.

Once I did a bit of digging & discovered that over 100 billion garments are produced annually around the world with only a fraction ever being recycled. At the end of their lives, most end up in landfill releasing up to three times their weight in greenhouse gases. I felt compelled to become part of the solution.

This coincided with my decision to introduce our border collie x golden retriever dog Dirk to the family. I struggled to find a quality bed that looked good in my home, had therapeutic benefits & was kind to the environment.

So, I set out to create the ultimate canine crash pad that utilised textiles leftovers unnecessarily sent to landfill.

Happy-scrappie design products that enrich the health & wellbeing of man’s best friend & recapture leftover resources from local businesses, to assist us to stay within the bio-physical limits of the earth.

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2) Do you have a morning routine? If so, what is it you do to set yourself up for the day ahead?

Since Auckland have been in lockdown, I have started meditating each morning & begin my day with an intention. It has helped with focus & generally gets me into a positive headspace to tackle the day ahead.

Happy-Scrappie eco dog beds

Happy-Scrappie eco dog beds

3) Why did you choose to go sustainable and eco-friendly?

I care about the earth & saw happy-scrappie as an opportunity to work with local manufacturer’s & businesses for the benefit of the planet.

4) What was the hardest part of starting your own business?

Just starting!

Happy-Scrappie eco dog beds

Happy-Scrappie eco dog beds

5) One book and/or documentary everyone should read/watch? Why?

To Die For-by Lucy Siegle.

6) Best piece of advice you have ever received?

My university lecturer once told me that the most paired back designs, are often the hardest to achieve. They indicate a certain maturity in ones work, which exercises restraint & consideration.

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