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Founder of Nativacase
1) Could you tell us a little about yourself and what’s your business about?

I’m an Argentinian that has been living in Melbourne for the past 8 years, I feel at home in Australia now! I live in the northern suburbs of Melbourne with my husband, my daughter and our dog.

Late last year I decided that I wanted start something that I was passionate about, and immediately knew that it had to be something related to sustainability. After a bit of research (actually more than a bit) an idea of bringing an accessible yet ecofriendly and stylish phone case emerged, and that is how NATIVACASE begun.

2) Do you have a morning routine? If so, what is it you do to set yourself up for the day ahead?

I don’t really have a morning routine. I have a few routines that I choose depending on the day, how I feel that particular day or what needs to be done at home.  A couple of days during the week I wake up at 6.20 to go to my Pilates class, generally those days tend to be busy and very active ones. Some other days I choose to have a slower morning (whenever possible with 2-year-old that gets very active in the morning) I put the kettle on and make myself a maté, which is a traditional tea very popular in Argentina. I sit in front of my laptop and really enjoy the time working as I’m not in a rush.  Then on the rest of the days I try my best to juggle everything at once LOL.

An Earth friendly case for the stylish and eco conscious soul

Nativacase iPhone cases are made from natural fibers, predominantly wheat straw, as well as natural polymers.

3) Why did you choose to go sustainable and eco-friendly?

I always felt very affected reading or listening statistics in relation to climate change and pollution, and for years I felt guilty for not doing enough to address that feeling and the issue in general.

Once I had my daughter, I started noticing that we were littering so much more! Nappies, plastic bottles that you get given in hospital, baby clothes used for a period of two weeks at the most, wipes, plastic packaging for everything, and more… This really opened my eyes in understanding that we had such a big impact in the world with our individual decisions, and that we could take a proactive approach towards something that makes us happier in the way we behave as consumers.  As well as setting this example to our daughter, who will learn so much about life with our actions.

Since then, life has changed quite a bit for us, but I realised how happy I was about this change and I wish we did it earlier.

4) What was the hardest part of starting your own business?

The hardest part for me was trying to learn everything at once!  Trying to find the perfect product, manufacturers I was happy to work with, understanding a little about the finances part of the business, socials, and don’t get me started in everything that involves the actual product: design, looking for suppliers that do sustainable packaging etc. Add being a mum to all this and everything that’s involved with that… Sometimes is a lot, but all of these things make me happy. Luckily for me hubby steps up and helps me with anything that has to do with Nativacase, and that makes a huge difference.

An Earth friendly case for the stylish and eco conscious soul

5) One book and/or documentary everyone should read/watch? Why?

I have a movie. I watched the movie Okja early last year and it changed the relationship I have with animals. Not just a great movie, but a great message that was exactly what I needed right at that time. My Octopus Teacher is next on the list 😊

NATIVACASE Biodegradable phone case

6) Best piece of advice you have ever received?

Well, I have received lots of good advice in my 32 years.  I believe that I use advice as and when it is relevant for different moments in my life, so I’m going with one my husband gave me when I just started with my sustainability journey and Nativacase. One day I was getting very frustrated as things weren’t going the way I wanted to go. I was feeling powerless. He said to me: “don’t let perfect get in the way of better”.

This was exactly what I needed right at that time. I have with me the best intentions, and I have the best energy, and I follow this advice by planning to improve every day a little, but I can’t expect things to be perfect from the beginning as that would be setting myself up for failure.

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