Smart Cookie: Aly Brown, Founder Of Resonance Tea - Ecobuy
Organic and sustainable tea
1)  Could you tell us a little about yourself and what’s your business about?

I’m Aly, chef turned teamaker. Crafting flavours is my favourite thing to do and I transferred that from creating mouthwatering dishes to delicious tea blends. I start with an idea in mind and then build it layer by layer with beautiful organic ingredients until how it tastes matches the idea in my head. Someone said to me once “Isn’t it just herbs and hot water?” and they’re right – it’s as simple and as complicated as that. For me the flavour is paramount – that it tastes good & feels good. It’s a special moment in your day just for you.

2)      Do you have a morning routine? If so, what is it you do to set yourself up for the day ahead?

I like to wake up around 6am and chill a little in bed before getting up – run through the day ahead in my mind plus jot down anything that’s present in my mind from my dreams. Once out of bed, Renewal blend is how I start my day. Everyday without fail. When I designed this blend I wanted a herbal tea that would recreate the same ‘alive’ feeling I get in my body when I drink a green juice, something that makes the cells tingle. I have a selection of big mugs that hold 500mls – it must be in a big mug, and often it’s not just 1 cup, but 2 or 3.

3)      Why did you choose to go sustainable and eco-friendly?

For me it wasn’t a conscious choice, it was a must. I’m passionate about our environment and conserving it and our wildlife so eco friendly was a no brainer when setting up resonance tea. It’s vitally important to me to not just be good but do good as well. I’m all about authenticity and being true to one’s self so to do anything but sustainable wouldn’t make sense to me. It’s abundantly clear that the way things have always been done isn’t working for our planet so it’s time to forge a new path forward and I’m proud to play a small part in that.

4)      What was the hardest part of starting your own business?

The idea of my own eco tea label had been with me for many years but I always put it off for later on. During the first Covid lockdown of 2020 I woke one day with the certainty that now was the time. Sourcing everything for a business start up in the middle of a global shortage of everything was perhaps not my best idea ever, but I made it! For me the single hardest part was finding the eco friendly option for each process of the business. Things like sourcing labels that were printed on 100% recycled paper with vegetable inks and a water based glue, compostable tape for mailing boxes, all those little things that took endless hours of google searching.

5)     One book and/or documentary everyone should read/watch? Why?

Several years ago I had a bucket list moment while in the Red Centre and visiting the Kangaroo Sanctuary there. Holding the joeys in my arms cemented my love for this magnificent creature, and I’m fervent about their protection. resonance tea donates a portion of profits to small independent Australian wildlife sanctuaries to help in their valuable work rehabilitating and raising kangaroos so the documentary I would recommend everybody see is “Kangaroo – A Love Hate Story”. Honestly it should be a must watch for every Australian.

6)       Best piece of advice you have ever received?

Follow your passion. Make your job the thing you would do every day for free – for me that’s crafting tea blends and beautiful flavours. Being in the creative zone, that’s my happy place. I believe that when you’re passionate about what you do that energy transforms into the end product. One of my favourite customer reviews so far is “There is a love and a passion put into these teas…” and I was delighted that someone could feel that.

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