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Premium Water-Resistant Kraft Paper backpack

Whether you’re travelling, going to work, the gym, your mates place or the library to catch-up on uni work that was due last week, everyone uses a backpack at some point in their lives. However, something we never usually think about is where that backpack came from and how it was made. Leather backpacks have been a fashion accessory for years. However, these days it’s more a turn off than a turn on to most. The look, design and feel is normally what gets people to go for traditional leather in my experience. Nevertheless, what if I tell you you could get all that but with a vegan friendly material?

Vegan backpack

Let’s talk about the benefits of vegan backpacks. Firstly, I think the most inclusive aspect that will entice most people is its durability. Vegan leather and materials are extremely durable as it is water-resistant, stain-resistant and can be exposed to the elements. Vegan leather products are capable of holding up against weather conditions and suffer minimal wear and tear over time. So it doesn’t matter if you’re living in the desert or the snow, it’ll keep your lunch and gym gear safe. 

Vegan and sustainable backpack

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So if it’ll last longer, it’s probably going to be more expensive right? Wrong. It is actually cost effective. Due to the various costs involved in the treatment and preparation of authentic leather, it demands a higher price. When factoring in every cost, from the rearing of cattle to the final manufacturing stages, it is evident that vegan leather is the easier option to produce a comparatively cost-effective choice. May as well buy two then?

Environmental impact

Continuing from the money saving benefits of buying vegan leather products, this leads us into the environmental impact. As mentioned, authentic leather requires extensive treatment before manufacture. These harmful chemicals both harm the environment and reduce the biodegradability of the leather.

Vegan leather on the other hand, combines textiles and polyurethane to create a more authentic leather feel that is less damaging to the planet. Vegan leather is an important step towards sustainability and preserving mother nature. It is important for us to prioritise the welfare of all living creatures on this planet, and the use of vegan leather is an excellent way to start reducing our impact. So really, it’s a win/win/win. (You, the cows, the planet). 

Now that we’re all up to date on the positive impact of vegan leather, let’s get back to our backpacks. Where are you going to find a good vegan backpack that isn’t just cotton and going to fall apart as soon as you put your laptop, your textbook or you trainers in there? I’ll give you a hint… we’re about to tell you! 

Ecocclo’s vegan backpack

ECOCCLO- Vegan Backpacks

Ecocclo is today’s feature and they are the makers of the best vegan backpack you’re about to own. They were designed as an alternative to your run-of-the-mill backpacks, using Kraft paper to create something that is equal parts style and durability. Tick and tick. Designed and made in the one and only Melbourne Australia, they knew what to look for when creating a product for a bustling city of people on the go and with a busy schedule. With a 5 year warranty guarantee with any purchase you can have confidence in their brand. 

CCLO Vegan Backpack- BUY HERE!CCLO BACKPACK SEAWEED GREEN VEGANThe vegan backpack itself is pretty sleek. It has hidden pockets that fit anything you could need. Well, maybe not anything.. Your DVD collection might need a separate bag before dropping them off at Vinnies. 

Thanks to its water resistant outer edging, your rehearsed excuse of not being able to attend that gym session or get to class on time because of the weather, is null and void. All your gear is safe and sound in your backpack. You can thank them later, or in a review on their website! 



Laptop approved

With their 5 year guarantee they are convinced you will love their product for years to come. Their vegan leather is made from Kraft paper, which aligns with the values and classic benefits of vegan leather we mentioned earlier: it is durable and stylish. The brand is 100% PETA approved and the bags have space for a 15″ laptop. For me personally, as I write this post on a 15″ laptop, this is a big tick.

So many bags I’ve had in the past say they’re laptop approved but are always too small and only for petite laptops that are great for certain things but not always practical. Finding a bag that fits a slightly more cumbersome laptop is harder to come by, so no matter what type of device you do your work on, they’ve got you covered. 

With 3 subtle colours to choose from, midnight black, seaweed green and refined grey, they’ll match and go with anything, so you can still be a fashionista with a practical, durable, cost effective, environmentally friendly backpack from a company you can trust. 

What are the benefits of using vegan leather bags?

1) Animal Friendly. 2) Lower Cost. 3) Wider Range of Styles.

Is Vegan leather the same as PU leather?

PU leather, or polyurethane leather, is an artificial leather made of thermoplastic polymer used for making furniture or shoes. 100% PU leather is completely artificial and is considered vegan.