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More and more Australians are making the switch to eco-friendly and ethical products. This smart consumer movement is a powerful way to let companies know what we value when we shop. And when it comes to self-care and beauty products, we smart consumers value sustainability, transparency, and high quality.

Read on for easy tips on how to be a smart consumer and to discover more about Ujala’s vegan and natural beauty products.

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How to choose eco-friendly and ethical products
1) Look for certifications and badges


Being a smart consumer means there are signs you need to look out for when you shop. Keeping an eye out for certifications and badges is a great start. Many ethical businesses will show you that they care about their consumers and the environment with badges like these. For example, these badges show us that Ujala, an Australian self-care brand, cares about how their products are made and what goes into them.

2) Look at the list of ingredients

Unfortunately, some products that are advertised as ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ don’t deliver. Some companies try to manipulate their customers by falsely labelling themselves as ‘eco-friendly’. This is known as greenwashing. Looking at the list of ingredients is the best way to confirm that what you’re buying is actually good for your health and the environment.

Checking and understanding the list of ingredients is actually easier than it sounds. Sustainable brands will make it easy for you to read their ingredients by clearly marking which ingredients are organic, as well as giving you the common, non-scientific name of the ingredients that sound complicated. See the ‘Our Ingredients’ section of Ujala’s Growth and Glow Hair Oil for an excellent example.

3) Support local businesses

Here at Ecobuy, we love supporting small local businesses that are ethically and environmentally oriented. These small businesses need our support to compete with profit-oriented corporations.

There are various benefits to supporting small local businesses. Local businesses are generally more transparent, because we know where and how the products are made. Furthermore, businesses that source locally don’t contribute as much to the massive environmental cost of overseas production and shipping. Local businesses also tend to be community-minded. This means they are more receptive to the needs and interests of their consumers.

Choosing Eco-Friendly Self-Care With Ujala

Ujala is an eco-conscious brand that prioritises love of the self and of the environment. Self-care should be a healing and guiltless journey, and this is enabled through Ujala’s natural, locally made products. Ujala ticks all the boxes when it comes to sustainable beauty: they are vegan and free of toxins or harsh chemicals.

From production to delivery, Ujala strives to be ethical and transparent. For example, their products are locally handmade in small batches and Ujala use low-waste and reusable packaging. That means no more single waste plastic every time you shop!

Here at Ecobuy, we are obsessed with Ujala’s self-care products and have showcased some of our favourites below.

Growth and Glow Hair Oil

One of Ecobuy’s top picks for healthy and shiny hair. This hair oil is extremely versatile. Apply the oil to the tips of your hair to condition and treat split ends, or to the scalp to moisturise and manage dandruff or hair loss. You’ll be surprised by how it restores your hair’s natural glow!

Benefits of Ujala’s Hair Oil

  • Anti-dandruff and moisturising properties
  • Manages hair loss, breakage, and split ends
  • Stimulates hair growth
  • Naturally restores hair’s glow and elasticity
  • Fights hair damage
  • Plant-based
  • Packed with vitamins
Venus Body Oil
Venus Body Oil

Venus Body Oil

This is another versatile product to use on dry skin, as shower oil, bath oil, or as an addition to moisturiser or foundation. What’s more, it smells amazing.

Benefits of Ujala’s Body Oil

  • Hydrating
  • Lightweight and non-greasy
  • Improves skin complexion and elasticity
  • Fragrant
Vitamin C Brightening Serum

This is another favourite at Ecobuy. This brightening serum is great for sensitive and dry skin. Infused with Vitamin C, the serum prevents and fades sun spots and acne scars to leave your skin feeling bright, rejuvenated, and youthful.

Benefits of Ujala’s Serum

  • Hydrating and moisturising
  • Improves uneven skin tone and hyperpigmentation
  • Counteracts blemishes, including sun spots, dark spots, and acne scars
  • Boosts collagen and elastin using only natural products like Kakadu plum extract
  • Counteracts ageing skin, including fine lines, dullness, and dark spots
  • Prevents skin damage caused by sun, pollution, toxins, and stress

You can shop Ujala’s entire range here.