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One of the most common emotions felt by possibly everyone in the world is anxiety, whether it be mild, general anxiety to higher levels of anxiety, everyone has at least once in their life experienced this feeling. Finding ways to relieve your anxiety is imperative to your personal well-being and health and should be a priority if it impacts your day-to-day life.

Why should we tend to our anxiety? Well, anxiety can result in a plethora of negative feelings and habits, our motivation levels may decrease rapidly, disabling us from being productive, healthy and happy. According to Beyond Blue: “In any one year, around over 2 million people experience anxiety”. The commonality in this pushes us to seek ways in maintaining our mental health levels. But how do we relieve anxiety throughout the day? What activities, habits and products could we use to calm our anxiety?

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LuneAustralia is an environmentally sustainable brand that aims to promote positivity, self-love and advocates for mental health. Their deep research and experiments with essential oils used in their products ensure its usefulness in relaxing and calming an individual’s mind when times get tough. We’ll be talking about some of their products today and how to effectively use them!

Here are a few tips and tricks to help combat the impact of your anxiety throughout the day.

Let’s talk!

Having a solid support network allows you to feel comfortable to talk to someone about your feelings at all times. Talking about your stresses in life and finding ways to cope is always helpful with the accompaniment of a close friend, family member or even co-worker. Remember, all ears are open to listen to your problems – and essential mental health services are readily accessible and available via online platforms, chat rooms as well as hotlines.

  • Build a support network and talk to them about how you’re feeling and why you’re feeling this way, someone is always there to help!
  • Hop onto the Beyond Blue, HeadSpace or HeadtoHealth website to talk to seek further help and understand how your anxiety could be impacting your life
Better sleep

A good night’s sleep is always beneficial to keep you motivated and energised throughout the day, always aim for approximately 8 hours! However, sometimes people just can’t fall asleep easily, anxiety tends to cause insomnia and stresses out the body. LuneAustralia has created an essential oil-based spray that promotes calmness and improved sleep.

LuneMist is a pillow spray made with lavender, sweet orange and cedarwood, alleviating stress related conditions and promotes calmness and a good night’s sleep. We tried it and we must say that it has been beautifully curated to not only smell nice but to also relax the mind in order to sleep well.


Soy Vegan Candles


It is known that meditation has been practiced for centuries to encourage mindfulness, body awareness and relaxation. Taking 10 minutes out of your day when times get tough allows your body to come back to its natural state and be able to work with a fresh mindset. Whether this be done right when you wake up to the moment you get into bed, meditation is one of the best techniques to relieve anxiety.

Relax roll on is a blend of grapeseed, lavender, cedarwood and sweet orange essential oils used to help calm the mind to create a comforting space. Placed directly on pulse points, the beautiful aroma allows your body to come into full relaxation mode when practicing meditation.

  • Meditate to clear your mind, finding peace within yourself
  • Yoga to relieve muscle tension and leave you stress free
  • Essential oils to promote serenity and calmness


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Change your enviroment

In light of our recent pandemic, it has impacted the way we work and live. Having to be cooped up in your own home can sometimes be stressful and leave you unmotivated and unproductive to go about your day. Having a clean workspace often leaves your mind on a clean slate too.

Lune’s essential oil soy candles leave your room and workspace feeling tranquil. A change in scents in your household can improve productivity as the blend of lavender, cedarwood and sweet orange engulf the air and promote relaxation of the mind.

  • Clean your workspace, a neat area = a calm mind
  • Change the scents in your room → Essential oil candles promote serenity and calmness leaving you less anxious about your environment


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Journaling and affirmations

If you feel like you’ve been incredibly anxious throughout the day and that it has led to a negative mindset. Saying your affirmations regularly and journaling at the end of the day allows you to express your feelings without any restrictions.

Allowing yourself to be aware of what went well throughout the day, what you are appreciative for and what went wrong throughout the day. This settles your mind from all anxiety and stress and you find yourself understanding of what went wrong and how it’s okay for things to go wrong.

  • Say your affirmations!
    • “I am loved, happy, healthy and well taken care of”
    • “I will treat myself and others with respect and love”
  • Journal how your day went
    • What are you appreciative for?
    • What was the highlight of your day?

Although in the moment, anxiety has the tendency to be overwhelming and heavy on the mind. Taking the time out of your day to practice these simple routines reminds yourself that everything will be okay and that clearing your mind through talking, meditation, changes in your environment and journaling is highly beneficial for your wellbeing.

Remember to take step back and breathe. Everything will be okay!

How can I calm my anxiety during the day?

1. Getting enough sleep. 2. Limiting alcohol and caffeine (both can trigger anxiety and panic attacks) 3. Eating a healthy diet that limits processed food and sugar. 4. Reducing stress at work and home.

Can anxiety last for a day?

Some moments of anxiety are more brief than others, lasting anywhere from a few minutes to a few days. But for some people, these feelings of anxiety are more than just passing worries or a stressful day at work.