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Soy Vegan Candles

Candles are scientifically proven to soothe us. The gentle, mesmerising quality of their light makes them a perfect aid for any relaxation routine. In addition to helping calm us down and relax our minds, lighting a candle aids in influencing more energy, better sleep, enhanced immunity, less pain and a more pleasant personality.

If you’re hunting for that mesmerising candle; a perfect blend of sheer quality at every angle and the ultimate long-lasting natural freshener for your home, then “No worries! We have got you covered!”

Finding a product that is safe to use, is responsibly made (100% natural), and perfect for YOU, brings us to the best alternative option: ‘Soy Candles.’

So, what are soy candles and why are they a better alternative to traditional candles on the market?

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Here is a bit of background.

Soy candles are made from oils found in soybeans, a natural and renewable source, and not genetically modified. The wax is made as the result of dehydrating soy bean oil. Their natural nature of soy wax candles do not release any toxic fume when burning and also holds their scent better, as they do not create an overpowering immediate scent; due to a gradual release of fragrance making the scent throw stronger or more prevalent.

Their fragrance combined from essential oils and other candle fragrances oils blend much better because of the slower burning time and cooler burning temperature of the soybean-based wax. You may pay more for a soy candle initially, but the longer-lasting burn means you won’t have to buy new candles as often. Soy wax is also biodegradable, making it an investment that benefits the environment. Furthermore, soy wax also hold colour well for those who enjoy a little colour in their candles.

Our cream of the crop recommendation will go to Soy Candle Bar. They are a family owned business dedicated to making high quality hand-poured soy wax candles infused with exquisite fragrances. Their pure soy wax is completely natural, vegan & cruelty-free, adding only fragrance oils into their candles, no other additives or stabilisers. Each candle carries a personalised touch, as they are made in small batches for tight quality control and are individually created with the highest quality ingredients, careful attention, and lots of love.

Soy Candle Bar’s are ideal for personal use and also make great gifts for your family and friends!

If you can’t wait to get started with finding that perfect matching fragrance, take a breath of relief because we have selected 5 different flavours that has been receiving the 5 star reviews from valued customers.  Customers were impressed with how much the smell of these scented candles filled their homes whilst they were burning. Their triple scented soy formula seems to work wonders for masking odours and creating a calming and homely atmosphere. Here is what they have to say….

1.Passionfruit- BUY HERE!

Celebrate summer with a tangy burst of succulent passionfruit, creating an invigorating fruity fragrance!



 “Amazing scents and will definitely be purchasing more”

-Beth Annie-Harlie

2. Sandalwood, Patchouli & Vanilla – BUY HERE!

This musky base of sandalwood– a classic fragrance that is intense and lingering. You can feel your anxieties melting away as soon as you light the perfect candle combination for relaxation.

“Beautiful! From the packaging to the smell, this product is lovely!

– MillieBird

3.Fresh Mango – BUY HERE!

A tropical delight and a universal favorite, this fragrance taps on the sweet recognisable, intoxicating fruity smell of the mango fruit


“Really happy with the scent and quality, packaged nicely with sample tealights included which was lovely. the wooden wick isn’t as loud as the WoodWick branded candles which I appreciate. love the convenience of a small tin. my partner is going to LOVE this mango scent – it’s very true to its title, beautiful and fresh.”

– VanillaCupcake22

4.Sandalwood patchouli and vanilla – BUY HERE!

A warming and luscious woody scent with top notes of bergamot and lemon peel, an earthy base of sandalwood, cedar wood and patchouli, and hints of vanilla and white musk.


“High-quality candles for a great price. I love the soy wax as it burns slower and they burn cleanly with no soot.”


Why Select Soy Candle Bar?
  1. MADE WITH SOY WAX – Our candles is made with eco-friendly soy wax. They are vegan, paraben free and cruelty free!
  2. LONG LASTING BURN – Our candles have one of the longest burn times in the market! They can last for about twice as long as the regular paraffin candles, saving you from the hassle and expense of buying new ones frequently. This is because soy wax burns at a higher temperature.
  3. QUALITY SCENTS– We are extremely selective! Only soy wax holds the scents from essential oils better than other types of wax. Moreover, the scent is released gradually into the surroundings and lingers around for a long time since these candles burn slowly.
  4. HANDCRAFTED HERE IN AUSTRALIA– We take pride in having our candles poured in the Australia and helping our economy by generating employment for our people! Support an eco-friendly business.
  5. PERFECT GIFT– Makes a perfect gift for friends, family members, or for yourself! – You can easily locate wide varieties of charming and great-smelling candles at cost-affordable prices, and you can even save more money by purchasing such gifts in bulk. Buying in bulk will not only save you money, you will also have lots of candle gifts to send to friends and family.

If you like smelling scents, then you might also enjoy the numerous pleasant odours and scents that can be captured in soy candles. As a matter of fact, they not just smell great, but they are also known to help improve your mood and make you relax after a long day.

Visit Soy Candle Bar to learn more.