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eco-friendly skincare routine

Welcome to a day in the life of using Baskia Lane and Luxeluna products. Recently I was lucky enough to have been given a few products from these companies – and here’s how it went, broken down into a typical morning. Here is my eco-friendly skincare routine!

Wake Up – Shower 

Basksia Lane Oilve Oil Soap Buy Here
Sustainable and cruelty-free soap

Sustainable and cruelty-free soap

This could not have come at a more perfect time for me; my old boring soap was down to that of a thin slice of potato. The box is made from cardboard and we’re all about plastic free packaging here at Ecobuy. That was a massive plus before I even got to the product itself. As soon as I opened the box, I could tell I was going to enjoy the feel of this soap. 

I’m a sucker for having ‘bits’ in the soap to create more of a scrub and an extra clean feeling. The rolled oats in this bar do exactly that. The smell of the soap is lovely too and not just when you’re in the shower. Stepping out and getting changed, I could still smell the lavender and coconut oil. I personally love this smell, adding to that clean fresh feeling that everyone is looking for after a long day. Or simply to feel fresh when starting the day. 

Fresh as a daisy, shower done. Now step 2 of my eco-friendly skincare routine: brush those pearly whites. 

Banksia Lane Natural Teeth Cleaning PowderBuy Here

Shiny teeth

I’ll admit this was the product I am the least keen for. Typically a stickler for your everyday tubed toothpaste, I’d heard of alternatives but never thought much of them. A few years ago I was travelling through the UK. Another girl on my trip had chewable toothpaste tablets. Kind of like Eclipse mints but it would froth up with water. With this as my guide, I assume the natural powder would do a similar thing. Already with a hesitant approach I try it out, putting a small amount under my tongue with a spoon and then got my wet toothbrush and started brushing.

Admittedly it is a weird and odd feeling to begin with but once it distributes itself around the mouth it feels normal. A great environmentally friendly product. Besides, it’s perfect for travelling because it won’t get squished or burst out the seams. However, it’s definitely the product in this review that is the most ‘different’ to the ‘normal’ product we are all using. 

Smooth body

Smooth and smiley, let’s get silky soft.

Banksia Lane Goddess Body Butter Buy Here
Goddess Body Butter

Goddess Body Butter

I’m going to cut straight to the point on this one. Love. It. The smell is so beautiful and lasts for hours! It’s a little thick and sticky when you first apply it. Nonetheless, the key for me was to use the mentality that a little goes a long way and it certainly does! It quickly sinks in so you don’t get that gluggy, thick feeling like some cheap moisturizers do. 

With your body done, now it’s time to face it.


Oily face

Luxeluna Facial OilBuy Here
Facial Oil Serum

Facial Oil Serum

I’m a big fan of facial oils and was skeptical of this one because there seemed to be quite a lot of different oils within the facial serum, but it’s all there for a reason because it felt amazing on my skin. I used it more at night time than in the morning as I typically use more drops than recommended. I like the way it sinks in and makes my skin feel in the morning.

That being said, this is a morning routine. Therefore, I use a SMALL amount and get ready to feel hydrated and look your naturally best self. What’s even better about this product and this brand is that it’s palm oil free. This is something seemingly often overlooked and a huge positive for the environment for us to be supporting brands that care about these things. 

Oiled up, you’re almost ready with this eco-friendly skincare routine. Now: double the layer, double the hydration.

Facial hydration

Luxeluna Antioxidant Face CreamBuy Here

Skincare routine eco-friendly cream

As I said in the previous morning routine step, I love facial oils. However, we only use a little bit in the morning so we don’t end up looking like the tin man before a meeting at work. So now it’s now time for part two of the face. Again, this cream is so nice to apply, a little goes a long way. A huge plus: it doesn’t irritate any of the spots I already have on my skin. It feels lightweight and doesn’t have an overpowering smell, which I like about it. 

Done and dusted, clean as a whistle, hydration station, we’re almost ready to rumble. 

Nappy rash cream

The final product I have to share with you and the last step to my morning routine is the: 

Banksia Lane Happy Nappy Balm Buy Here
Eco-friendly Nappy Balm

Eco-friendly Nappy Balm

You might be thinking, are you a baby? Why are you using this? Well, as an adult I can assure you this product isn’t just for little babies with nappy rash. Involved with my local Surf Life Saving community, we always go out on our paddle boards. Low and behold I gave myself board rash on the tops of my thighs. Thus, I use the nappy rash cream as the last step in my morning routine to help soothe and heal the board rash. Which it exactly does! It feels so nice and smooth to apply and almost immediately takes the harsh sting away from the rash. So if it does that for me, I can only imagine what it’s doing for our babies’ bottoms. 

If you’ve made it this far, good job and well done. You’ve completed an ecofriendly skincare routine! You’re now ready to tackle whatever the day throws at you! Well, maybe not everything but you’ll look and feel great regardless.