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Drink In Style: The Perfect Accessory To Your Reusable Bottle

Single use plastics are a major contributor to waste production and environmental pollution around the world. It is easy to think that one plastic bottle will not do much harm, but when all of us rely on single use bottles, the numbers really add up, with 373 million plastic water bottles being thrown away every year.

Drink In Style makes reducing our plastic waste easier and more fashionable. You won’t forget your reusable water bottle with this ethical and comfortable bottle bag. The product is available here, and for each online purchase, $1 will be donated to The Seabin Foundation.

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Plastic is used in every aspect of our lives, from food packaging to cosmetics. Almost everything we buy from the grocery store is packaged in plastic, and water is no exception. Many of us don’t hesitate to rely on single use PET bottles for water, often because we think there is no alternative.

While it only takes a second to buy a PET bottle, it takes 450 years for it to decompose. This means that the bottles you buy will stick around for hundreds of years after you are finished with them. With more than one million PET bottles being sold every minute, our waste footprint has become enormous. In Australia alone, each person is responsible for using an average of 130 kilograms of plastic per year.

The long life of plastics has a number of negative impacts. When plastics are washed into the ocean, they can be ingested by marine animals, and can even threaten the safety of our food: broken down pieces of plastic, called microplastic, are swallowed by fish and can end up on our plates as well.

These microplastics have been found in water samples from oceans all around the world, including near the Arctic. Because some chemicals used in plastic production are toxic carcinogens, they have the potential to cause various health disorders. This is a major problem given that 130000 tonnes of plastic wind up in the waterways and ocean per year.

`The impact of single use water bottles bottle bag``

Producing plastic has a large carbon footprint. Manufacturing one kilogram of PET releases six kilograms of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide is one of the leading greenhouse gases contributing to climate change and air pollution and has detrimental health effects.

Relying on plastic is also expensive. Choosing bottled water over tap water takes a hefty toll on our wallets. Bottled water costs more money per litre than petrol, and complete reliance on bottled drinking water is estimated to cost $3650 per year. This is a shocking price, especially considering that tap water is free and safe to drink. You could save thousands of dollars simply by buying a $20 reusable water bottle and refilling it with tap or filtered water.

Plastic production has increased rapidly, and the last 15 years have been responsible for half the plastic production in human history. This has made it all the more important for consumers like us to make smart, environmentally sustainable choices when we shop.

Eco friendly alternatives

There are many healthier alternatives to single use bottles. While PET bottles can leach toxic chemicals into the drinking water, bottles that are made from materials like stainless steel are safe to reuse. Drink In Style’s bottle carrier is compatible with a range of these options, including the popular insulated stainless steel bottles featured in the photos.

You may be thinking that buying a reusable bottle is all well and good, but it’s easy to forget these bottles when you are rushing off to work or to the gym. This is where Drink In Style’s bottle bag can help. Colourful, portable, and adjustable, these bottle bags make your water bottle easy to carry and hard to forget.

Drink in style: The Bottle bag – SHOP NOW!

`The impact of single use water bottles bottle bag``

Made in Italy by an ethical supplier with high quality and vegan eco-leather, Drink In Style’s bottle bag is heat proof, washable, and recyclable. The bottle bag is available in nine different colours from red to blue to brown, and can be worn in four different ways, so you can really make it yours! What’s more, personalisation is available on the ring and base of the bag.

Consumers who are concerned with fair trading practices will be happy to know that Drink In Style’s manufacturers have strict policies against child labour and forced labour, as well as policies ensuring fair wages according to local laws, and mutually agreed fair working hours.

Drink In Style is committed to 100% carbon neutral delivery. Your bottle bag will be sent through Sendle. Sendle is Australia’s first carbon neutral delivery service that offsets all the carbon it produces. This means that all the carbon dioxide that is released when the items are delivered will be cancelled out and invested in initiatives that tackle climate change. In total, Sendle has already offset 19.5 billion kilometres of carbon.

`The impact of single use water bottles bottle bag``

What’s more, your delivery will come in compostable mailbags and use no plastic packaging at all. This means you can rest safe in the knowledge that Drink In Style is committed to ethically and environmentally sustainable practices from the moment its products are manufactured up until they arrive on your doorstep.

Drink In Style’s bottle carrier is the perfect accessory to your reusable water bottle. Buying a bottle carrier contributes to cleaner oceans in more ways than one. Not only are you reducing waste by using your reusable bottle, but for each item that is sold on its online store, $1 is donated to Drink In Style’s non for profit partner, The Seabin Foundation.

The Seabin Foundation is an environmental organisation that is committed to creating practical and tangible solutions to reduce plastic in our oceans. The Seabin Project installs seabins in marinas all around the world. These seabins have the capacity to catch 16500 plastic bottles per year, as well as 35700 disposable coffee cups, 90000 plastic bags, and 166500 plastic utensils. Thanks to this project, almost 2000 tonnes of waste has been captured by the Foundation, and 860 seabins have been installed worldwide.

Click here to get your own Drink In Style bottle bag and do your part for a sustainable future.


Is reusing single use PET bottles bad for my health?

Yes, reusing single use PET bottles have been shown to have harmful effects on your body, as the bottles can leach heavy metals into your drinking water when exposed to the sun for too long.

If plastic is so bad for the environment, why is it still being used?

The main reason that plastic is still being used is because they are cheap to mass produce. Because plastic was such a boon when it was first discovered, plastic use has become a part of consumer and retail culture. For this to change, it is important for consumers like you and me to change the way we shop!