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The bright side of changes since COVID-19 is our collective appreciation of community and the environment. As a society, we discovered that nothing could keep us from connecting, and together we’ve made important changes and cultivated healthy habits to put the community first.

One example of this positive change is a renewed interest in sustainability. Between February and April of 2020 – during Australia’s first wave of COVID-19 – the Google search for ‘How to live a sustainable lifestyle’ increased by more than 4550%. Spending more time at home made us more conscious of sustainability around the home. For example, many of us began reducing our food waste by freezing foods and learning how to recycle.

What other healthy habits have Australians picked up during lockdown and how can we keep it up? In this article, we answer these questions and showcase Resonance Tea, a top-notch Australian tea store that prioritises our personal and environmental health and helps us become ethical tea drinkers in lockdown.

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Sustainable living during lockdown

How did we become more sustainable during lockdown? The answer is healthy habits. We picked up eco-friendly practices, intentionally or unwittingly, during our time in lockdown. Whether you’re buying locally sourced produce, consuming less fast fashion, or supporting ethical businesses, you are part of the global transition to healthier lifestyles.

A healthy practice that many of us have picked up is cooking at home. You might even have uploaded a tasty photo online with the hashtag #covidbaking. When we prepare our own meals, we necessarily become aware of what goes into our food and get a sense for what is healthy and what is not. For example, research on dietary habits in lockdown found that people were more likely to eat fruits and vegetables. Many people translated this habit into cultivating an eco-friendly lifestyle – for instance, vegan products were more in demand and many people started reducing meat and dairy consumption. Food waste was reduced – some households began composting, and some subscribed to DIY meal kits companies which reduce overall food waste as it cuts down on leftovers.

Another example is supporting local businesses. The economic strain caused by lockdown encouraged many Australians to support their local businesses, with new research showing that more than 50% of Australian shoppers want to buy locally. This meant buying local produce and rejecting take-away food chains. Many of us are choosing online shopping – this opens up more options for consumers, and there has been a marked rise in purchases from local online businesses. Furthermore, because we are buying less during lockdown, we are becoming more picky with our consumer choices. This means that we look out for shops and products that match our values – eco-friendly products, online retailers committed to carbon-neutral delivery, or locally sourced goods.

Resonance Tea

Environmental health goes hand in hand with mental health. Lockdown put more pressure on many Australians’ mental health and led to many of us prioritising our mental and emotional wellbeing. Many Australians have taken up walking or cycling and have cultivated harmonious relationships with nature through hiking, gardening, or composting. We’ve also taken the time to wind down and practice self-care. Here, we introduce a great way to practice self-care with Resonance Tea.

Being a smart consumer means being on the lookout for businesses that support eco-friendly values. When it comes to consumer-oriented values and sustainability, Resonance Tea ticks all the boxes.


Resonance Tea is for the environment (#resonanceethos)

Resonance Tea is infused with an eco-friendly ethos.

$3 from every product sold is donated. Red Box Wildlife Shelter – a kangaroo sanctuary in Victoria – is one of the charities that Resonance Tea supports. You can also choose which charity Resonance Tea donates to by nominating your favourite wildlife charity with the hashtag #resonancecharity.

Resonance Tea’s products also support sustainability. Made in Scone, NSW, the products are handmade and hand-packed. Each blend is crafted and produced with love.

Resonance Tea can be bought in beautiful glass jars that are recyclable and reusable, or in Bak2Earth biopouches that are biodegradable. These pouches are perfect for when you are buying refills. Furthermore, their tea labels are made of recycled paper, vegetable based ink, and water based glue to reduce our eco footprint!

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Here are two tea infusions we love at Ecobuy:

Renewal Herbal Tea

With hints of lemon, ginger, cinnamon, and celery seed, the hand-blended Renewal infusion is cleansing, organic, and refreshing. It is the perfect way to start a busy day. The blend is also caffeine free and vegan.

Bloom Herbal Tea

Beautifully aromatic and whimsical, the Bloom infusion combines a delicate rose scent with honeybush, apple, and hibiscus. Organic, vegan, and caffeine-free, this herbal blend is a guilt-free and loving way to begin the day.

Eco-Friendly Tea Bags

Resonance Tea also sells amazing eco-friendly tea accessories including this reusable tea bag. Handcrafted by a professional seamstress in the Hunter Valley, these high-quality bags are made from sustainable and non-toxic materials – unbleached 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton with a hemp drawstring – which are healthy and safe for you and the environment.

Shop Resonance Tea’s entire range today and learn more about their ethos right here.