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Drink In Style: The Perfect Accessory To Your Reusable Bottle

Drink In Style: The Perfect Accessory To Your Reusable Bottle

Single use plastics are a major contributor to waste production and environmental pollution around the world. It is easy to think that one plastic bottle will not do much harm, but when all of us rely on single use bottles, the numbers really add up, with 373 million plastic water bottles being thrown away every … read more

Ethical Jewellery With An Inspiring Message

Ethical Jewellery With An Inspiring Message

Ethical jewellery refers to jewellery pieces that are created by taking into consideration their impact on the environment and certain communities. Some people also call it sustainable jewellery and, even though these terms are not synonyms, in this case, they are very similar. In other words, when buying ethical jewellery, you can rest assured that … read more

Enter Our Saviour: Period Underwear

Discover Our Saviour: Period Underwear

Billions of women and girls menstruate every month, yet they are faced with the stigma that continues to surround periods; that is: women around the world are looking for their own solutions around disposal, pricing, health and comfort. You’ll also like this: How To Avoid Greenwashing In The Makeup Industry  How The Fashion Industry Is … read more

How the fashion industry is killing our rivers and water supply

How The Fashion Industry Is Killing Our Rivers And Water Supply

Fashion Disruption The fast fashion model has spiraled into a marketer’s dream. Consumer purchase behaviors are driven by short-term pleasure. We show off our wealth, style and personality but once this temporary fulfilment is over, it’s a vicious cycle to continuously satisfy our rational materialistic values, becoming a desire not a necessity. Environmental Insanity: “The … read more

Victoria’s New Support Fund That Benefits Australian Fashion

Victoria’s New Support Fund That Benefits Australian Fashion

The Circular Economy Business Innovation Centre (CEBIC) initiative has just made $10 million available in a new Business support fund. The CEBIC have partnered with the  Victorian Government to make this fund possible. The fund will support projects and  businesses in their efforts to reduce waste, reuse and repurpose materials, remanufacture,  and upcycle. It’s a … read more

Premium Water-Resistant Kraft Paper backpack

Reasons For Choosing A Vegan Backpack

Whether you’re travelling, going to work, the gym, your mates place or the library to catch-up on uni work that was due last week, everyone uses a backpack at some point in their lives. However, something we never usually think about is where that backpack came from and how it was made. Leather backpacks have … read more


Why Should We Choose Organic Cotton Clothes?

This week we’re talking about the importance of buying organic cotton clothes over traditional clothing. Like me, many of you might not have realised the impact of non organic cotton clothes. It impacts not only industry workers, farming, and natural resources but also the overall health of our bodies and skin. In the past, I … read more

Second hand guide: How to refresh your wardrobe

This month has come to a finish and #SecondHandSeptember with it. Did you know about it? The last 30 days represented an excellent opportunity for everyone. A chance to extend the life of beautiful clothes, reuse and repurpose them. See here our second hand guide to refresh your wardrobe! At Ecobuy we believe that buying second … read more


Greenwashing and Colorwashing: How to spot them

“Look! that super big fast-fashion company is using a BCI certified cotton for their last collection; they are so sustainable!” “Sorry to disappoint you, but they are not!”

Be Stylish Being Sustainable: Cruelty-Free Leather Alternatives

A more sustainable shopping needs more sustainable cruelty-free leather alternatives. However, the majority of animals raised to produce leather clothing are farmed in miserable conditions, subjected to cruel practices often in places where welfare legislation doesn’t exist. Animal leather production takes loads of energy, water and toxic chemicals that pollute the environment. And finally, livestock … read more