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sustainable and organic hair products

Best Cruelty-Free & Australian Made Haircare Products

It’s safe to say that everyone needs to take care of their hair for it to stay healthy and look the best. Hair care should be more of a necessity than a luxury. However, particular concerns arise as we endeavour to live sustainably by implementing new procedures and adopting substitute products and processes.  How do … read more

Sustainable Essential Oils: Their Benefits and Where To Get Them

Sustainable Essential Oils: Their Benefits and Where To Get Them

  Refreshing scents have a way of calming the mind and relaxing the nerves. A beautiful aroma can make the difference between a rough sleepless night and a purely blissful one. However, there are still so many people who are oblivious of the benefits of essential oils and where to get them.  You may also … read more

sustainable fun drawing pens for kids

Playing Sustainably: Making The Move To Eco-Friendly Toys

Sustainable Toys For Kids Making sustainable eco-friendly choices can be quite tasking as an individual. It becomes much more complex when you have children to make the same choices for. Children are constantly looking for activities to engage in and different ways to have fun. There are a variety of toys in the market to … read more


How to Be Green Without Going Into the Red

We all want to do our part to ensure the longevity of our planet. While doing things, like turning the lights off when you leave the room and walking instead of driving, are a great start, there’s more that we can do. If you are a homeowner, you have the power to turn your house … read more

5 Simple Sustainable Swaps To Help Our Oceans

It’s no secret, our oceans are choking on waste, warming to unsustainable levels, and being depleted of all the incredible resources they have to offer us land-lubbers. When you hear stats like the following, it’s hard not to feel compelled to act: By 2050, our oceans will contain more plastic than fish (Ellen MacArthur Foundation) … read more

Eco-friendly picnics

Plan An Eco-Friendly Picnic This Weekend

As we step out of lockdown and into summer, it’s time to celebrate in the sun with an eco-friendly picnic. Picnics are the perfect way to reconnect with friends and the environment, and it’s a great opportunity to show off those delicious recipes you mastered during lockdown. Studies actually support the healing and reinvigorating effect … read more

Sustainable Gardening

Top Tips For Cultivating A Sustainable Garden

Transform your yard into a sustainable garden this spring with easy tips and gardening additions. Not only is gardening an amazing way to create an aesthetic paradise for you and Australian wildlife, but an incredible habit with benefits for your physical and mental health. The most beautiful sustainable gardens are sprawling with life and colour, … read more

Sustainable Cooling

How To Keep Cool This Summer

As we near the end of the year, we Australians welcome the warmth and ward off the sweltering heat. But as summer approaches, more people start relying on the air conditioning, forgetting that it is a last resort and a temporary measure.What are some sustainable cooling strategies that are better for the planet? Our over-reliance … read more

Ethical Tea

Cultivating Healthy Habits In Lockdown

The bright side of changes since COVID-19 is our collective appreciation of community and the environment. As a society, we discovered that nothing could keep us from connecting, and together we’ve made important changes and cultivated healthy habits to put the community first. One example of this positive change is a renewed interest in sustainability. … read more


Making Small Changes To Reduce Plastic Waste

How much plastic do we waste every year? In fact, how much plastic do we use in a day? If you sat down and made a list of the single use plastics you bought and binned today, you might be surprised. Luckily, it’s very easy to change to a low waste or zero-waste lifestyle. Making … read more

Sustainable Seafood

How To Make Sustainable Seafood Choices

Meat production is an incredibly unsustainable industry. Livestock and its by-products already account for 51% of all worldwide greenhouse gas emissions, and it is estimated that by 2050, agricultural emissions will have increased by 80%. It takes 15,415 litres of water just to produce one kilogram of beef. Luckily, cutting out a few foods from … read more

Self Care

How To Self-Care The Sustainable Way

More and more Australians are making the switch to eco-friendly and ethical products. This smart consumer movement is a powerful way to let companies know what we value when we shop. And when it comes to self-care and beauty products, we smart consumers value sustainability, transparency, and high quality. Read on for easy tips on … read more

Solar Panels

What Solar Panels Can Do For Your Home

Are you considering installing some rooftop solar panels? With more and more Australian homes switching to solar, solar looks like an attractive and eco-friendly alternative to coal-powered energy. In this article, we debunk the myths around solar unreliability to show you that solar power is a viable and economic option. Installing solar panels could save your … read more

sustainable bookshops

Sustainable Bookshops: Supporting Local Businesses

Supporting local businesses and leading an eco-friendly lifestyle go hand in hand. Buying from sustainable bookshops means you’re doing both. It’s easy to be a proactive bookworm if you know what to look for and what to avoid. In this article, we’ll talk about how Amazon is hurting the book industry and what you can … read more

Plastic Free

Top Tips For 2021’s Plastic Free July

  Are you interested in ditching plastic but not sure how to begin? Committing to a zero waste lifestyle seems like an impossible task when everything we buy seems to come in plastic packaging. When we walk into the grocery store, we see shelves and shelves of plastic wrapped foodstuffs. When we order an iced … read more

The Power of Positive Affirmations

The Power Of Positive Affirmations

Let’s take a moment to talk about mental health. The World Health Organisation defines mental health as “a state of well-being in which every individual realises his or her own potential, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and is able to make a contribution to her or his … read more

Drink In Style: The Perfect Accessory To Your Reusable Bottle

Drink In Style: The Perfect Accessory To Your Reusable Bottle

Single use plastics are a major contributor to waste production and environmental pollution around the world. It is easy to think that one plastic bottle will not do much harm, but when all of us rely on single use bottles, the numbers really add up, with 373 million plastic water bottles being thrown away every … read more

TRY ME Makeup removal pads

Cleanse Better With Whipd Reusable Makeup Removers

We often neglect the small changes we could make in our daily lives to help our planet. With the simple swipe of a makeup wipe, your face can now be makeup-free! Sounds too good to be true? Here’s the catch: it is. As much as it brings your makeup removal process from 10 minutes to 2, … read more

How To Be Zero Waste With Your Asian Food

How To Be Zero Waste With Your Asian Food

Plastic waste has become a highly prevalent issue that we Australians face in 2021 and have been for decades. In light of the plethora of educational resources we find now, we are at the hands of an easily accessible way to learn about how to reduce our contribution to waste. The plastic problem starts here. … read more

Ethical Jewellery With An Inspiring Message

Ethical Jewellery With An Inspiring Message

Ethical jewellery refers to jewellery pieces that are created by taking into consideration their impact on the environment and certain communities. Some people also call it sustainable jewellery and, even though these terms are not synonyms, in this case, they are very similar. In other words, when buying ethical jewellery, you can rest assured that … read more

Factory Farming: The Industry Behind Meat and Dairy cows

Factory Farming: The Industry Behind Meat and Dairy

Eco-friendly? What does that even mean, what do we do about it – how can we help? I’m sure we’ve all had our moments when we watch tv or read a post on Facebook and think about how we can help the planet and save the world, but it’s all a lie right? It’s all … read more

The Changing Nature of Agribusiness

The Changing Nature of Agribusiness

It is prevalent in today’s society that we deem our health as incredibly important. With a new wave of healthy and sustainable living it is imperative that we as inhibitors of the Earth, take care of it in every way we can. Most of us understand the need for taking care of ourselves but many … read more

koala bamboo bed sheets

The Benefits Of Bamboo Textiles

Naturally pest resistant and fast growing, Bamboo requires zero pesticides or fertilisers for cultivation. Without the need to use harsh chemicals or pesticides, Bamboo fibre assists with the management of allergies and irritations; making them the perfect textile for bedding purposes. You’ll also like this: How To Avoid Greenwashing In The Makeup Industry  How The … read more

Enter Our Saviour: Period Underwear

Discover Our Saviour: Period Underwear

Billions of women and girls menstruate every month, yet they are faced with the stigma that continues to surround periods; that is: women around the world are looking for their own solutions around disposal, pricing, health and comfort. You’ll also like this: How To Avoid Greenwashing In The Makeup Industry  How The Fashion Industry Is … read more

The ultimate guide to zero waste cleaning products

The Ultimate Guide To Zero Waste Cleaning Products

On a daily basis, we’ll always face the needs of cleaning. Whether it be the kitchen countertops after you finish eating or mopping the floor to get rid of all the dust and debris. With this, we often use household, commercial cleaning products straight from our local supermarket’s shelves. The excess plastic made by every … read more

TOP 10 beginners plants at home

How To Make Your Own Garden At Home

Have you got a green thumb? But you’ve never really delved into the world of gardening at home? Every day, many more individuals across the world make their homes whether it be an apartment complex with a small window sill to homes with backyards, into their own home garden. With the influx of growing your … read more

Mineral Foundation Powder | Titanium Dioxide Free Mineral Foundation | MG Naturals

How To Avoid Greenwashing In The Makeup Industry

Every day, individuals come across some of their favourite and popular brands that label themselves as “cruelty-free” or “allergy certified”. However, this is not always the case, some companies fabricate the authenticity of their products to manipulate consumers into believing their product is cruelty free or allergy certified when they actually aren’t – this is … read more

How the fashion industry is killing our rivers and water supply

How The Fashion Industry Is Killing Our Rivers And Water Supply

Fashion Disruption The fast fashion model has spiraled into a marketer’s dream. Consumer purchase behaviors are driven by short-term pleasure. We show off our wealth, style and personality but once this temporary fulfilment is over, it’s a vicious cycle to continuously satisfy our rational materialistic values, becoming a desire not a necessity. Environmental Insanity: “The … read more


Easy Swaps For A Zero-Waste Kitchen

Food, Glorious Food….. One of the places to start making household changes to sustainability is in the kitchen. Food is loved, wanted and needed by all. Yet, we make so many mindless choices when it comes to single-use plastic. Unfinished food? Wrap it in cling wrap (plastic) and chuck it in the fridge. Need to … read more

Shampoo Bar Honua Bars

Everything You Want To Know About Shampoo Bars

Reinventing Healthy Hair Shampoo bars are a great alternative to reducing plastic consumption while still having a fun, awesome smelling product that transforms radiantly healthy hair. If you’re looking to support a local business that produces handmade shampoo bars in Australia, which are: Plastic, soap and sulfate free PH Balanced Tailored for coloured hair Low on carbon footprint (you … read more

4 Podcast About Sustainability That You Should Listen

4 Podcasts About Sustainability That You Should Listen

From books to the radio, being informed comes in a plethora of mediums and forms. Great ways of learning about how to live more sustainably comes from non-fiction books, the radio, tv shows and more popularly podcasts! During the past year, the influx of the variety of podcasts available has flourished with many listeners being … read more

An Earth friendly case for the stylish and eco conscious soul

Why You Need A Compostable Phone Case

How many phone cases have you bought in your life? Was it cute? Did it protect your phone? Can you use it confidently knowing that something as small and seemingly insignificant as a phone case is having a positive effect on our planet?   Probably not. But buying a compostable phone case does make a … read more

Victoria’s New Support Fund That Benefits Australian Fashion

Victoria’s New Support Fund That Benefits Australian Fashion

The Circular Economy Business Innovation Centre (CEBIC) initiative has just made $10 million available in a new Business support fund. The CEBIC have partnered with the  Victorian Government to make this fund possible. The fund will support projects and  businesses in their efforts to reduce waste, reuse and repurpose materials, remanufacture,  and upcycle. It’s a … read more

How To Be An Ethical Coffee And Tea Drinker

How To Be An Ethical Coffee And Tea Drinker

Strengthening the Base of Our Whole Community.  Locally owned businesses make more local purchases, requiring less transportation and set up shop in town or city centers which generally means: less sprawl congestion habitat loss pollution. Furthermore, the local businesses are owned by your friends and neighbors who live in this community, are less likely to … read more

Why You Should Be Using a Food Dehydrator

Why You Should Be Using A Food Dehydrator

It’s often common that people from all different walks of life always want to find simple and easy ways to stay healthy – particularly when snacking on the go and having food readily available. A food dehydrator is an amazing way to do so! Food dehydrators. What are they? They are kitchen appliances that use … read more

Thank you for supporting small businesses

Go Local. Supporting Aussie Small Businesses.

Differing businesses, whether big or small equally deserve the attention we bring to them. However, small businesses struggle to thrive in such a demanding society due to the lack of representation they receive. It’s important to keep supporting small, local businesses as they ultimately create a smaller carbon footprint than larger businesses and they strengthen … read more

benefits of crystals

How To Enjoy The Benefits Of Crystals

The Crystal Effect Nikola Tesla once said, “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibrations.” Through this very statement, he unveiled the secret behind the healing properties of the crystals. The beauty and power of crystals and other stones have been long recognized since the … read more

saving the planet one shave at a time

Saving The Planet One Shave At A Time

Ever realised how an everyday item could contribute to the mass of throwaway waste created in the world? Well, plastic razors are one of the culprits! A lot of people probably don’t realise that although some disposable razors are recyclable, we don’t always recycle them correctly and they end up in our landfills!

Soy Vegan Candles

Freshen Your Home With Soy Candles

Candles are scientifically proven to soothe us. The gentle, mesmerising quality of their light makes them a perfect aid for any relaxation routine. In addition to helping calm us down and relax our minds, lighting a candle aids in influencing more energy, better sleep, enhanced immunity, less pain and a more pleasant personality. If you’re … read more

Premium Water-Resistant Kraft Paper backpack

Reasons For Choosing A Vegan Backpack

Whether you’re travelling, going to work, the gym, your mates place or the library to catch-up on uni work that was due last week, everyone uses a backpack at some point in their lives. However, something we never usually think about is where that backpack came from and how it was made. Leather backpacks have … read more

Soy Vegan Candles

How To Relieve Anxiety Throughout The Day

One of the most common emotions felt by possibly everyone in the world is anxiety, whether it be mild, general anxiety to higher levels of anxiety, everyone has at least once in their life experienced this feeling. Finding ways to relieve your anxiety is imperative to your personal well-being and health and should be a … read more

How to: Sustainable e-commerce

How To Be More Sustainable As An E-commerce

Sustainable e-commerce. Where is the how to guide for it? How do you integrate sustainability into an already built e-commerce? Living sustainably is as easy as working sustainably, simple changes in work ethic, philosophy and tangible products can transform your e-commerce into an eco-friendlier one. It’s more of a question of how and why. The … read more

Celeste® Australia's passion is to offer local natural quality ingredients in skincare.

Clean Product For A Clean Skin

Our skin is our biggest organ so why is it not our biggest priority? Our bodies absorb everything that goes onto our skin, a simple but scary fact. Let’s think about all the moisturisers, all the sunscreens, all the scrubs and soaps we use without even reading or realising what is in the ingredients. Keeping … read more

Zilch-zero waste bathroom box

Zero Waste Bathroom Alternatives That You Should Try

The importance of zero waste options and products within the consumer market is uncanny. Everyday we use bathroom products that are packaged in plastic, which is continually polluting and contaminating our world.  So what is zero waste, what does it mean? Zero waste allows us all to participate in protecting our environment. The approach protects … read more


Why Should We Choose Organic Cotton Clothes?

This week we’re talking about the importance of buying organic cotton clothes over traditional clothing. Like me, many of you might not have realised the impact of non organic cotton clothes. It impacts not only industry workers, farming, and natural resources but also the overall health of our bodies and skin. In the past, I … read more

Cruelty-free and vegan skincare products

How To Tell When Beauty Products Are Cruelty Free?

Are you being fooled by companies trying to trick you into thinking you buy cruelty free beauty products even when they’re not?? It’s mind boggling to me to think that in 2020 and now almost 2021, that brands are still testing on animals and trying to trick consumers with labelling. Here is a quick guide … read more

eco-friendly skincare routine

My Eco-Friendly Skincare Routine