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sustainable and organic hair products

Best Cruelty-Free & Australian Made Haircare Products

It’s safe to say that everyone needs to take care of their hair for it to stay healthy and look the best. Hair care should be more of a necessity than a luxury. However, particular concerns arise as we endeavour to live sustainably by implementing new procedures and adopting substitute products and processes.  How do … read more

Sustainable Essential Oils: Their Benefits and Where To Get Them

Sustainable Essential Oils: Their Benefits and Where To Get Them

  Refreshing scents have a way of calming the mind and relaxing the nerves. A beautiful aroma can make the difference between a rough sleepless night and a purely blissful one. However, there are still so many people who are oblivious of the benefits of essential oils and where to get them.  You may also … read more

Self Care

How To Self-Care The Sustainable Way

More and more Australians are making the switch to eco-friendly and ethical products. This smart consumer movement is a powerful way to let companies know what we value when we shop. And when it comes to self-care and beauty products, we smart consumers value sustainability, transparency, and high quality. Read on for easy tips on … read more

TRY ME Makeup removal pads

Cleanse Better With Whipd Reusable Makeup Removers

We often neglect the small changes we could make in our daily lives to help our planet. With the simple swipe of a makeup wipe, your face can now be makeup-free! Sounds too good to be true? Here’s the catch: it is. As much as it brings your makeup removal process from 10 minutes to 2, … read more

Mineral Foundation Powder | Titanium Dioxide Free Mineral Foundation | MG Naturals

How To Avoid Greenwashing In The Makeup Industry

Every day, individuals come across some of their favourite and popular brands that label themselves as “cruelty-free” or “allergy certified”. However, this is not always the case, some companies fabricate the authenticity of their products to manipulate consumers into believing their product is cruelty free or allergy certified when they actually aren’t – this is … read more

Shampoo Bar Honua Bars

Everything You Want To Know About Shampoo Bars

Reinventing Healthy Hair Shampoo bars are a great alternative to reducing plastic consumption while still having a fun, awesome smelling product that transforms radiantly healthy hair. If you’re looking to support a local business that produces handmade shampoo bars in Australia, which are: Plastic, soap and sulfate free PH Balanced Tailored for coloured hair Low on carbon footprint (you … read more

Thank you for supporting small businesses

Go Local. Supporting Aussie Small Businesses.

Differing businesses, whether big or small equally deserve the attention we bring to them. However, small businesses struggle to thrive in such a demanding society due to the lack of representation they receive. It’s important to keep supporting small, local businesses as they ultimately create a smaller carbon footprint than larger businesses and they strengthen … read more

saving the planet one shave at a time

Saving The Planet One Shave At A Time

Ever realised how an everyday item could contribute to the mass of throwaway waste created in the world? Well, plastic razors are one of the culprits! A lot of people probably don’t realise that although some disposable razors are recyclable, we don’t always recycle them correctly and they end up in our landfills!

Celeste® Australia's passion is to offer local natural quality ingredients in skincare.

Clean Product For A Clean Skin

Our skin is our biggest organ so why is it not our biggest priority? Our bodies absorb everything that goes onto our skin, a simple but scary fact. Let’s think about all the moisturisers, all the sunscreens, all the scrubs and soaps we use without even reading or realising what is in the ingredients. Keeping … read more