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Author: Imogen Kars

A Guide To How Landfill Works

Landfills are the most widely used solution for our rubbish, and, for the most part, we are thankful for them! But do we really know how the landfill system works? The Sad Reality of Landfill Most of us are utterly disconnected from our waste. We may use, reuse and recycle, but we have no idea … read more

5 steps you can take towards a more sustainable lifestyle this Plastic Free July

A sustainable approach to a more sustainable life goes far beyond a one-month challenge. Plastic Free July can help individuals bridge the gap and delve deeper into ethical living. As the whole world swaps takeaway coffee cups for Keepcups, it’s worth thinking about other simple switches you can make in a bid to use less ... read more

6 Best Indoor Plants for Purifying the Air

Many of us want change. We know that the world is slowly deteriorating from industry expansion. The environment is taking a huge hit from deforestation and Co2 levels. But the environment is trying to fight back! Here is how you can help by decorating your house with the best indoor plants for purifying the air. … read more

A guide to composting for beginners

If you’re looking to do your part in combating climate change, the solution might be beneath your feet. Welcome to the world of composting: the practice strips back sustainability to its core. While soil health and its impact on the health of our planet and has recently entered the mainstream environmental conversation, there’s no better ... read more

A Quick Guide to Recycling at Home

They’re the quintessential first steps to becoming more ‘green’ – separate, wash, recycle. While Australia has a murky history and relationship with recycling, its residents are still sorting and swapping – but how many of us are recycling well at home? Recycling describes the process of reusing resources that would have otherwise contributed to our … read more