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sustainability magazines

These must-reads with sustainability magazines is for all the people with all the right intentions but just have no idea where to start. It’s easy to think that when we want to start living a more sustainable and eco-friendly life, that suddenly everything will be different. Besides, you need to make extreme changes. However, that is not the case. There are so many simple choices you can make day. Choices that will help us all move in the right direction to a healthier planet and lives.

The print world is certainly a question of interest to most writers these days. Not all publications are distributed in their traditional ways. It’s an ever expanding world on the internet to post and deliver more information than ever. So without further ado, here are our top 5 Australian sustainability magazines. We included their websites for you to keep on file. You can stay up to date with innovative ways to continue helping our planet, health, and happiness. 


1) Green Magazine

Currently out with its 75th issue, Green Magazine prides itself as being Australia’s leading publication for inspirational stories on sustainable design featuring local and international houses, gardens and profiles. 

Their magazine structure includes several different article topics. Anywhere from urban, coastal, regional, commercial landscape, permaculture tips, travel and of course feature articles. Examples of some of the tips and tricks included in the magazine: information on sustainable glues, adhesives, fillers and sealants. There is also information on solar battery storage and it’s benefits for efficiency. This follows on from our piece last week on being conscious of proper recycling practices for old batteries. Green Magazine is just one of the amazing sustainability magazines that provide us with information and more options to keep us growing and learning about how to live each day more sustainably.  

sustainability magazines

Single Issue – $12.95

Subscription packages available 


2) Breathe Magazine

Do it with me.. breathe in.. breathe out.. breathe in.. breathe out.. It’s so important in our busy lives that we all remember to take a moment and check in with ourselves. Even though I can imagine this has been printed on 16 different Target mugs and Typo Notebooks, Breathe Magazine isn’t just telling you, but showing and providing you with resources to destress and guide you to making choices that will hopefully result in a more mindful and healthier lifestyle.

Currently out with its 23rd issue, titled ‘Turn the Tide’, Breathe is a bi-monthly publication and labelled as a ‘body and soul guide to a happier, healthier life.’ Every issue follows a 5 part structure of, wellbeing, living, mindfulness, creativity and escaping, designed to help navigate your thoughts by featuring tips and insights to improve mental, emotional and physical health.   

Each issue aims to inspire and invoke creativity within you, with recipes for delicious home cooking and self reflective writing exercises, and the current issue invites you to put in pen the beginning of a journey with their cue cards. 

Single issue – $15.00

Subscription packages available 


3) Peppermint Magazine

Peppermint magazine is all about style, sustainability and substance. Printed quarterly, the publication prides itself on having carefully curated diverse content covering topics. This is one of the sustainability magazines that focuses on slow food, ethical fashion, natural living and social entrepreneurs. As a small independent publication you can be assured that their stories are filled with authenticity and passion. 

Their current issue highlights Yatu Widders-Hunt and the power of Indigenous fashion for resistance and change as well as keeping up to date with their ‘future finance’ series which aims to educate people on topics like, ethical banking, ethical investments and ethical superannuation etc. 

Single Issue – 14.95

Subscription packages available 


4) Small Collective

Small Collective is so much more than a magazine and is currently with 3 issues out for purchase. Their website is not only to highlight their magazine, but also a means to make their information and products more accessible to consumers. It’s a beautiful mindful magazine, that aims to educate, inspire and create a community focused on sustainability and substance. Their online shop self proclaims to be ‘your one stop shop, for all things sustainable, ethical and mindful.’ With a range from clothing, kitchen appliances, gardening and bathrooms. 

Issue 4 set to be distributed in November contains content about whether mushrooms can replace plastic, Auslan sign language and its importance in our culture, photography tips and many DIYs. 

sustainability magazines

Single Issue Hard Copy – $13.95

Single issue Digital Copy – $7.95


5) Pip Magazine

Pip’s printed magazine comes out three times a year and is renowned to be full of ideas and inspiration for climate-conscious living. It’s a place where you can learn skills for no-waste living, growing food, making compost, foraging, seed saving, preserving, beekeeping, keeping backyard animals, green building, mending, crafting, recipes and so much more.

In their current 18th issue, Pip Magazine shares inspiring stories and lots of practical information about how to strive towards creating a more resilient future. This is something that’s so important in these uncertain times.

From growing your own food to finding free food within your suburbs and applying the sourdough theory to all your favourite foods, they have an article for you. Ranging from topics of growing corn, making fermented ginger beer, growing medicinal herbs and how to make an upcycled beach change towel. Pretty useful information I’d say. 

sustainability magazines

Subscriptions start from 1 year with the current issue – $64.75 

or 1 year starting with the next issue released Feb 2021 – $51.80

And range to 2 year and 3 year subscriptions – see website for details

Sustainability magazines

Though all these things seem simple to Google and find out, the simple matter is that most people won’t. We all want our information given to us in a structure that is easy to understand and informative. The info can be picked up and flicked through whenever you feel like it. It shouldn’t have to feel like you’re sitting down to write a research paper when you want to learn more and show interest in sustainable and ethical living. Well, it doesn’t have to. 

These 5 Australian sustainability magazines are just some of the amazing resources available to us these days. I highly recommend you check them out. Find one that covers all the things you’re always talking about but never seem to get around to doing. Whether you’re thinking about, implementing it, or just trying to start discussions with your friends.. I’m proud of you, good job, keep it up! 


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