About Us - Ecobuy

About Us

Ecobuy started as a need of trying to find a place that gathers together sustainable, ecofriendly and good quality products all in one place made by people who truly cares about our environment.

It is clear enough that we are facing an environmental situation that is alarming.

That’s why we want to be the future-facing online destination, a place for everyone who cares about the origins of the products they purchase.

Fast fashion, excessive consumption of plastic, chemicals on our clothes and the lack of interest from millionaire companies are a consequence of that.

Good News! We have done all the work for you, and now it’s time for you to stop looking to the other side. Ecobuy truly believes that change start from ourselves. Responsible, ecological & sustainable is the only way to save our planet and we are decided to make things easier for you by creating a space where you can have the certainty that you will not only be supporting our planet but you will be also helping out entrepreneurs that believe in this mindful shift and are decided to work in an ethical and responsible way.

Regarding you, buying quality products translates in saving money and saving the world!

How we’re going to make this shift happen?

By empowering knowledgeable people, showcasing eco-friendly brands, providing environmental solutions and just offering products that come from ethical sources, cruelty free and with a low impact to our lovely planet.

Ecobuy aims to offer you affordable and accessible goods on a wide and broad choice of categories, from health and beauty, slow fashion, home & lifestyle, travel, technology, food & beverages with much more coming.

Our Values

Empower small businesses and enable ethical opportunities by guarantying fair trade.

Supporting entrepreneurs and designers who are willing to take responsible decisions towards our society needs.

Empower the consumer, by providing an online and sustainable directory that will take your pocket and lifestyle on a happier mood.

Provide a nice blend of sustainable, eco-friendly and cruelty free goods available to everyone that really want to take their buying experience to a new level.

Promoting animal rights and establishing a cruelty-free zone is key when speaking about responsibility.

Our Three Pillars


Cruelty free products friendly with the enviroment


Transparent brands that guarantee fair treatment on their working conditions


Affordable and long lasting goods with no harmful ingredients