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12 Tips for a Low Waste Christmas

Christmas is getting closer… better be prepared to face up the festivities as sustainably as we can! So start to think about buying sustainable christmas gifts. We carefully curated this eco-friendly guide with ideas that will reduce the environmental impact of our celebrations.

   1.Buy less.

We will never stop reminding you that buying less is the top solution when switching to a more sustainable lifestyle. The Christmas holidays are not an exception. When presenting something, try to think: is it something I could do by myself recycling what I already have?

For example, you could make your own Christmas cards by recycling magazines and newspapers that you left gathering dust on your shelf and create lovely collages, or even use them to wrap your sustainable christmas gifts. they

will make your presents much more personal and unique. Also, regifting is okay! What’s the point of keeping a present that you don’t need, isn’t it better if you give it to someone that will love it?

 2.Buy Smarter.

Look for locally made, sustainable gifts and decorations. The impact of transportations contributes significantly to greenhouse emissions and global warming. Buy from local artisans: you will not just contribute to reducing your carbon footprint, but you will also support small businesses that now, more than ever, need our attention. If you are living in Australia, EcoBuy is the best place to find eco-friendly products, made locally!

3.Look for sustainable Christmas gifts and decorations created from recycled materials.

Oh yes, even if you are after precious jewellery, we have you covered! Wombat Fern is a label of handcrafted jewellery that uses recycled metals and evolves 10% of all profits to Bush Heritage Australia, a conservation fund supporting indigenous land protection.

sustainable christmas gifts

And for the adventure lovers, we have a fantastic recycled hammock made by Nakie. While, when it comes to garlands, you can recycle paper and make one by yourself instead of buying plastic ones. In general, when doing Christmas shopping, don’t forget to avoid excessive packaging, and encourage your guests to exchange waste-free gifts made with no plastic!

   4.Gift second hand.

Especially when your christmas gift is for a fashion addict because 80% of textiles produced globally ends up in landfills every year! Giving a new life to preloved clothing is an excellent present for your beloved and to the earth. Australia is full of outstanding Op Shops and Vintage stores worth the visit.

   5.Gift homemade made lip-balms.

YouTube has plenty of tutorials on how to make 100% natural lip-balms at home. Using just a few ingredients you can make lots of them. Eventually, fill your old lipstick containers with your compound and… you are ready to surprise your loved ones!

You can also check out our Free Online e-book: Beauty Essentials: Make today yours!

Sustainable christmas gifts

Beauty Essentials Ebooks

   6.Gift the basis of sustainability.

You are perfectly aware of how to face your everyday habits with a sustainable approach but some of your friends and relatives aren’t. Why don’t you give them something that can help them make the switch? Gift a Guppyfriend Laundry Bag that keeps the microplastics pollution away from their laundries and will push them to elaborate the problematics of synthetic fabrics.

You can also think about reusable accessories for your bathroom or for the kitchen: check out the 21 Pieces Zero Waste Kitchen Essential kit: the perfect present for someone who just began his/her sustainable journey.

*21 Piece Zero Waste Kitchen Essentials Kit

Zero Waste Kitchen Essentials Kit

7.Go for Battery-free and lower the impact of holiday lighting.

Discarded batteries, even rechargeable ones, are a hazard for the environment and according to the EPA, about 40% of all battery sales occur during the holiday season. So… go for presents that are battery-free! Also, try to lower the impact of your lighting. Christmas tree lights are often left on at night when everyone is sleeping…beautiful, but it is only a waste of energy so always switch them off or go for candles!

   8.Be mindful of the Christmas tree.

Artificial Christmas trees are made of plastic and petroleum products and use up resources in both the manufacture and shipping. Moreover, although they are reusable, researches show that they are typically discarded after a few years, ending up in landfills. We believe Christmas can be appropriately celebrated even without a Christmas tree, but if you love

traditions, decorate one outside or just rent it!

sustainable christmas gifts

sustainable christmas tree

   9.Celebrate in nature.

On Christmas, the whole family is reunited. This makes it the perfect moment to invite your relatives to approach eco-friendly experiences. This year, start a new annual, eco-friendly, Christmas tradition: instead of the conventional lunches and dinners, go for a hike, clean up a natural area or, as already mentioned, organize a tree decoration session outside!


Food wastes during the Christmas holidays are huge: Australians spend about 10$ billion on food over the Christmas period and a staggering 35% will be wasted and end up in

landfill. This Christmas buy less, think carefully about what you will cook, purchase just what you will need for your recipes and eventually, donate your leftover food to charities.

Buy locally and organic, avoid products wrapped into plastic and consider preparing a plant-based dinner/lunch. You can get some ideas by clicking here.

We also recommend you to check Ecobuy’s selection of vegan-friendly, ethically sourced and eco-consciously packed chocolate bars to end your celebration as it should!

Sustainable christmas gifts

Espresso Caramel Shortbread Bars

   11.Eco-Friendly Cards and other gift ideas.

If crafting and DIY are not your things, go digital, or gift seeded paper greeting cards. You can find adorable ones on Ecobuy’s directory along with many other sustainable Christmas gifts: nappies, workshops, organic coffee pods, essential oils, skincare, bedding, dog bandanas and dog shampoo bars and even outdoors goods. Have fun exploring all the options you have!

   12.Last but not least: At the end of the celebrations, recycle recycle recycle!

Every Christmas, wastes are unbelievable. This year, throw away as less as you can: keep decorations for next Christmas and give packing materials a second life. Before throwing something away, read the article “Where and what to recycle” on our Eco Blog to find the solutions that best suits you!