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Eco-Friendly Period Products You Will Actually Want To Use

Let’s talk about periods. I think it’s safe to say that as women our monthly friend isn’t always as friendly as we’d like it to be, and can usually end up being quite expensive. With natural pain relief remedies, advil, panadol, heat packs, cold packs, time off work and even headaches… it can all quickly … read more

Microplastics, Macroproblems

First of all, what are microplastics? As the name implies, they are tiny plastic particles. The term was only coined in 2004 by Professor Richard Thompson to describe any piece of plastic smaller than 5mm.  They are divided into two categories: primary microplastics that are manufactured as microplastics used, for example, to give the scrubby effect to exfoliant … read more

How to refresh your wardrobe without buying new clothes  

This month has come to a finish and #SecondHandSeptember with it. Did you know about it? The last 30 days represented an excellent opportunity for everyone to extend the life of beautiful clothes, reuse and repurpose them. At Ecobuy we believe that buying second hand is a great sustainable habit to keep all year long: remember, … read more

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